frequently asked questions about reusable pallet wraps

  • Why should I use Palband reusable pallet wraps? Palbands remove the need to use single-use plastic pallet wrap which is currently causing vast amounts of unnecessary plastic waste. The can also increase efficiencies within the warehouse environment and improve your carbon footprint and sustainability goals, along with reducing your ongoing packaging costs.
  • How much do Palbands cost?
     This depends on several things including the weight of the load, the size and shape of the pallets, the quantity required and any extras needed such as document wallets and branding. Typically prices range from £20 to £120 but call us for an accurate cost for your specific application.
  • How strong are they and how long do they last?
    Standard Palbands are manufactured from high strength PVC mesh with nylon or metal buckles and high grade webbing. During normal use, they will last for up to 1500 uses, but this will depend on how well they are looked after and stored correctly and how far they travel for each journey they are used for. Adjustments can be made to the standard product to upgrade the hems, corners, webbing and buckles to suit your specific needs.
  • Will they slow our warehouse operations down?
    No. most of the time Palbands improve the efficiency of the wrapping operation for a number of reasons – if you’re using machine wrappers, these can take up to 1.5 minutes to wrap a pallet, and there is often time taken to load the pallet onto the wrapping platform and then move this to another area for labelling etc. With Palband, wrapping typically takes 45 seconds and this can be done anywhere in the warehouse. If you are hand wrapping, there is need to only walk around the pallet once, rather than 30 times with single use pallet wrap.
  • Can they be branded?
    Yes. They can be branded with military style print, or with your own specific branding and logos which are printed onto a waterproof sheet and welded to the Palband.
  • Do they suit ugly freight?
    Palbands can be made adjustable to suit a variety of load types. To ensure these are a good fit for your specific ugly freight, we would suggest a visit to your warehouse where we can check the finer details and create a sample for you to test. 
  • Are they waterproof?
    If you require waterproofing then we would use a solid material and provide an attachable cover to ensure your goods are properly protected from the elements. 
  • How do I know Palband will provide enough support to my pallets?
    Palbands have strong straps and buckles that hold the load to the corners of the pallet to provide good load stability, along with the fastenings that hold the load tightly together during transit.