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How can we reduce pallet wrap use?

The increase in single plastic waste over the past few years has been exponential, with plastic pallet wrap one of the many products that has piled up in skips and then been transported to landfill.

PalBand has been designed to replace the use of pallet wrap in a variety of environments and distribution networks and is making a significant impact on the environment by saving the use of hundreds of tons of plastic each year.

Each client we work with has special requirements in their internal or external distribution systems and we work with you to clarify each need and to ascertain the best possible product to fit within their system. Our BEST system takes you through a set process to ensure no stone is left unturned and ensures the best possible outcome to meet your sustainability goals.

We also have an end-of-life strategy for each product which ranges from the material being upcycled to be reused in a range of other products such as road cones, through to being recycled and reused in other PalBand products.

How we work with you to reduce plastic waste



We work through a discovery stage with each stakeholder to build up a picture of what your sustainability goals are, how your distribution processes work, how the product could be used within your distribution network, and what logistical issues will need to be overcome.



Once we’ve got a good understanding of your overall requirements, we will establish the individual details of the product including ROI, weight and size of the pallets or roll cages, material type, colour, branding, security and tagging requirements along with any other specific needs.



With the knowledge we now have of your specific requirements, we will suggest the type of product best suited to your needs. We will create a sample of the suggested design, visit your business to run initial trials and gain valuable feedback from an operational point of view. Scaled up trials can also be conducted if required.



Finally, once all trials are complete, we can make any adjustments necessary in view of orders being placed. Between us we will test your goals against the outcome and ensure all your sustainability pledges and operational efficiencies have been met. We will continue to keep in touch in view of gaining further feedback and to measure success.

Key benefits of Reusable Pallet Wraps

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