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Loadmaster Mesh Guards

Loadmaster mesh guards are designed to eliminate product damages during transit along with improving safety and efficiency when loading or unloading any type of goods vehicle.

We manufacture these to meet your specific requirements, with additional options including adding your logo to enhance your brand presence.

We use high quality components including metal buckles and polyester webbing, along with two mesh options depending on your specific needs.

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Loadmaster LV For Large Vehicles

To ensure your load stays where it should during each journey, our Loadmaster LV version suits any large vehicles and can be moved down inside the vehicle as deliveries are made. 

These mesh guards are perfect for securing anything from large boxes and packages to roll cage trolleys and stillages.

They also offer a great opportunity to increase your brand presence during each delivery along with providing a high level of safety for drivers and unloaders as the goods are held in a secure position until the delivery is made.


Loadmaster SV For Small Vehicles And Vans

Loadmaster mesh guards are perfect for last mile and short journey deliveries as they provide a high level of safety for the driver each time the rear doors are opened as the mesh ensures the goods and packages don't move during transport.

They are very easy to use with quick release buckles and hooks and are manufactured from very high strength mesh to ensure they remain useful for many years.

Another great feature is the ability to promote your company with branding which can be clearly seen by your customers. 

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