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With the steady increase in the cost of single use plastic pallet wrap, Palstrap load straps are an excellent alternative for all types of pallet movements from short internal trips to long haul transport operations. 

The original Palstrap is a Velcro strap available in a variety of sizes, and can also be made to any bespoke size required. It's strong, versatile and incredibly cost effective compared to single use plastic wrap. Each length is colour coded for ease of use.

We've also developed a unique range of pallet hooks which enable straps to be attached to the pallet rather than being slung underneath, which can often cause health and safety issues and waste time. These hooks can be made to bespoke dimensions to suit your specific needs, along with a variety of strap types, colours and buckles. Please get in touch and we'll design to your requirements.

We also stock an extensive range of standard transport strapping products for distribution, warehousing and logistics applications, along with accessories such as the Palprobe and Palwinder to speed up the process of securing loads.


4 products
  • Palstretch Pallet Bands
  • Palstrap - Reusable Hook and Loop Load Restraint Straps
  • Palprobe - For Easy Use of Palstraps
  • Palwinder - For Rewinding Palstraps Quickly