about PalBand

Why we exist

Palband was born out of a strong desire to make a difference in reducing the use of single use plastic and waste going to landfill. With plastic pallet wrap not commonly recycled, it became an obvious target - it is estimated that there are over 150,000 tons used each year just in the UK.

Our aim is to reduce the use of single-use plastic by working with you to implement new re-usable products that not only meet your sustainability goals, but also save time and provide strong returns on your investment.

The product

PalBand is a re-usable pallet or roll cage wrapping system which completely removes the need to use single-use plastic pallet wrap. Made from robust materials, they can be used and returned thousands of times, saving you time and money within your distribution system.

With clients normally having their own unique requirements to suit their supply chain, the base design is often adapted to suit. Our design team have the knowledge and experience from working with a wide variety of clients in different industries to create bespoke solutions that are viable alternatives to plastic pallet wrap - both for pallets and roll cage trolleys. Our operations team are well equipped to manage project delivery and production of new designs at scale.

There are added benefits beyond removing the waste created by pallet wrap; load stability is improved, time savings have been proved, security and loss prevention of the products during transportation has been improved – Palband can provide your business with tangible return on investment 

Bespoke design

Every client we work with has specific requirements, so we work with you using our 4 stage BEST process which establishes exactly what all your specific needs are, and our solution is tailored to fit these perfectly.

We design products for external logistics networks as well as internal logistics (intralogistics) needs.

There are so many options available including fabric type, fittings strength and material, security and load support, branding, tracking and end of life specifications to meet your expectations.

Our goal and mission 

Our mission is to make a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing the consumption of single use plastic in Industry.

To complement our focus on reducing single use plastic and accelerate our positive impact on the environment, we support the Woodland Trust ( and The Ocean Cleanup ( with donations to contribute to their vital work..

Please get in touch

Our team are always willing to help you with any questions you may have about PalBand. With the complexities of your individual requirements, we positively encourage members of our team to visit you and demostrate our products in view of customising our standard PalBand to suit your specific needs. We partner with you to find the ideal solution to reduce your single use plastic waste.

Please contact us using the form below and we'll be in touch within one hour.

Alternatively, feel free to call 020 8080 9848 to discuss your requirements with our sales team.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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                           PalBand is a brand of Oakland Industrial Ltd