Product Options 

Bespoke Design

Every distribution network has different logistical considerations, so we adapt the base PalBand design with a variety of different component options to ensure it fits perfectly within your logistics system.

We consider the weight and size of the pallet or roll cage, the mode of transport, weatherproofing requirements, security, labelling and tagging needs and then the colour and branding preferences along with a range of materials. This gives our clients confidence that PalBand will meet their specific operational requirements and sustainability goals.

Fabrics and Materials




Exceptionally hard-wearing material available in weights up to 610gsm, excellent for longevity and security applications, and can be easily repaired to ensure a long life of service. At the end of life, PVC PalBands are recycled into products such as road cones, fencing supports and equestrian menageries.  

Well renowned for its recyclability, this material is lighter than PVC, but still shows impressive inherent strength with weights available up to 330gsm. This product can be printed with an endless range of colours. Best suited to roll cage doors and covers. The material is made up of polyethylene strands coated in a non-PVC resin which can be separated at the end of life and recycled into new PalBand products.

Made from 50% bottle waste and 50% recycled polyester, this is a 100% recyclable material already produced from recycled products, so fits in perfectly with any sustainability pledge. Excellent branding opportunities and best suited to roll cage doors and covers.

PVC Mesh


Poly PVC

Our standard material for most PalBand pallet covers and is strong but lightweight, suiting most logistics operations. Available in several colours and can be branded along with the option of document wallets and branded or coloured webbing straps. Similar to the solid PVC material, PVC Mesh Palbands can be recycled into other products such as road cones and fencing supports.

Lightweight but inherently strong, this material is recyclable through various channels and is ideal for roll cage covers and other lightweight uses. Available in a black and silver combination.

A smooth and flexible material, making it excellent for a specific type of PalBand which is used typically on taller pallets (2m+). Available in a range of colours, its 430gsm weight provides long life. At the end of life, this too can be recycled into other useful products.

HTP Netting

High tenacity netting is a tough and versatile product for pallets with uneven loads, or where the product on the pallet is more delicate. 

Fittings and Webbing

Nylon buckles

Metal buckles


These side release buckles are made from military grade nylon and fully certified. An excellent product for the standard PalBand use.

Ideal for heavy pallets and where the PalBand product is used in food manufacturing areas so they can be detected if for some reason they come loose. 

The success of each PalBand relies on the inherent strength of the nylon or polyester webbing which pulls the pallet contents together and stabilises the load ready for transportation within your distribution network.

Labelling and Security

Doc wallet

Security tags


PalBands have the option to include a document wallet to hold all your necessary documents in a clear and well positioned place on the side of each pallet. Roll cage doors and covers can also have this option included.

PalBands can be excellent for protecting your high value products on pallets or in roll cages as they can be security tagged to discourage thieves from stealing items when in transit. 

Depending on the type of material selected, Palbands can be branded in various ways to suit your company colours and logo which is an excellent marketing opportunity and uplifts the look of your whole distribution network. 


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