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We offer customised solutions to meet the demands of a diverse range of pallet and warehousing requirements. Our design and production team focuses on providing practical and cost saving innovations to suit your specific needs.

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Covers For Distribution And Warehousing

Palband are trusted by the biggest names in the logistics and distribution industry to provide reusable covers for a range of applications. Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements - there’s a real human ready to respond to your message on the chat at the corner of each page.


Reusable pallet covers are a great way to reduce single use plastic and provide protection for your goods against the weather, dust, or contamination. We can produce pallet covers in any size and a wide variety of different materials to suit your application.
Pallet covers can be supplied with a side opening with hook and loop closure, or just as a drop-over cover.
They can also include branding, contact details or any other information you require on the cover to promote your company. If you need to keep documentation with the goods the covers are being used for, we can also include weather-proof document pockets.

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Thermal pallet covers are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your vehicle availability, maintain the flow of your supply chain and hit your delivery targets.
With the ability to send chilled or frozen goods on ambient transport - and deliver them at a safe temperature – Palband thermal covers give you flexibility on available vehicles
Our thermal pallet covers are ideal for many other applications too including keeping water cool at festivals and events, protecting delicate products from frost and keeping chemicals at the right temperature prior to production, to name a few.
We have a range of different cover options that are suitable for different temperature/distance requirements. Contact us for technical information on these and to arrange trials on your transport.

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We can help you protect your IBC’s from UV, low or high temperatures with our reusable IBC covers. They feature access flaps to the valves so that you don’t have to remove the cover to dispense the contents.
 With IBC’s commonly placed on bunds, sometimes its easier to cover the bund and IBC together, we can help with this too. Our IBC bund covers are retrofitted to the bund and are made from hard-wearing yellow PVC, with roll up front panels for maintaining easy access to the IBC when in use.

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If you’re looking to cover or wrap roll cage trolleys, we can design and manufacture
a solution for your exact requirements. We’ve previously provided anti-theft, temperature control, retrofit door and havy-duty solutions.
Our standard roll cage covers have a Velcro opening on the front for quick and easy access to the roll cage contents. Alternatively, they can be supplied as a drop over cover if this is preferred.
Palband roll cage covers can also include branding to promote your company and weatherproof document pockets for storing documentation.
As they can be reused many times over, reusable roll cage covers are an excellent alternative to wrapping your roll cages with stretch film, reducing your organisations’ use of throwaway plastic.

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Reusable cargo covers are an easy way for air freight carriers to reduce their use of throwaway single use plastic. Palband produce reusable cargo covers in a range of different specifications from lightweight weather protection covers to fire retardant, heavy duty covers.
 We manufacture air freight covers to whatever size you require; we can also include branding and weatherproof document pockets if desired.

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Reusable stillage covers are a durable and hard-wearing alternative to shrink wrap, saving you money and creating an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation with branding.
Our stillage covers offer reliable protection against the weather in all seasons - rain, snow, ice, or UV rays from bright sunshine! Whether you’re storing or transporting your goods in stillages, our robust stillage covers provide the protection your products need.
Palband also manufacture flexible inserts for stillage frames for containing components to protect them through the supply chain. We can either help you design these, or work from your designs.

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If you’re looking to cover a custom trolley as an alternative to wrapping it with stretch wrap, protecting it from the elements or any other reason, we can help. With a wide variety of designs in our archives, and technical expertise on materials we’re confident we can provide the solution to your challenge.

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Key Benefits Of Reusable Pallet And Trolley Covers

Removes unnecessary plastic

Heavy duty and weather resistant

Reduces pallet wrapping time

High quality and short lead time

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